Système site isolé complet outback Flexpower Two 6kVA/24V

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The new FLEXpower TWO System accommodates all of the essential protective devices in an easy-to-install, fully pre-wired and factory tested dual inverter system.
The FLEXpower TWO is ideal for applications with medium sized power requirements such as homes, light commercial or large back-up power systems.
Utilizing a compact desing and an easy-to-install mounting plate, the FLEXpower TWO System can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical orientation
to allow installation in more space-limited locations and is designed for a quick installation, saving both time and money.

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consists of: pre-wired VFX 3048E inverter/charger and FlexMax 80, mounting plate for inverter DC and AC breaker box Flaxware 250 with battery bypass surge protector, temperature sensor system controller and remote monitor mate, Hub 4 Dimension : 850 x 500 x 320 mm Weight : 44.50 kg
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