Onduleur Inverter SMA Sunny Backup Unit 5000

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"Do your customers know that their PV-plant disconnects from the grid in case of a blackout? In this case it does not produce any more electricity- neither for grid feeding nor for the supply of consumers in the house. SMA Solar Technology closes this gap with the Sunny Backup-System: As an add-on for the PVsystem it automatically switches the system to island power supply in the case of a grid failure. You can equip every SMA inverter-operated system as well as new systems with a Sunny Backup-System. A Further advantage: Due to the integration of the PV system, a small and therefore low-cost battery can be fitted, as it is usually only needed to bridge the night hours. We offer you the Sunny Backup-System as pre-configured sets for all power ranges from 1 up to 100 kW. Easy to install and easy to extend later. Innovative electricity supply for home owners: as on add-on to the PV system, the Sunny Backup Set Small switches to off-grid mode within 50 milliseconds. For winter or summer: owners of small or medium-sized PV systems with inverters from SMA can supply the important loads selfsufficiently in the event of a power failure. The affordable complete solution is not only suitable for new solar power systems; existing PV systems can also be retrofitted with the certified Sunny Backup System without difficulty. Sunny Backup can only be used at national TN grids."""

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bi-directional battery inverter for back-up operation output voltage 230 VAC/50 Hz rated capacity 5.0 kW battery voltage 48 VDC external battery temperature sensor SD/MMC card 1 x 2m synchronisation cable Watt: 5000 W DC System Voltage: 48VDC AC System Voltage: 1x230 Frequency: 50Hz Dimension : 467 x 612 x 235 mm Weight : 63.00 kg
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