Régulateur de charge Western WRM 15 MPPT

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WRM-15 is a complete solution for the realization of off-grid PV systems to
power supply road signs systems, lighting systems, small low voltage systems
and for the recharge of batteries inside caravans. This model of charge
regulator has got a circuit of search of the maximum PV module’s power
(MPPT) : regardless of battery voltage and its charge state, WRM-15 make
always the PV module work in its point of maximum power maximizing the
energy extracted from the module and loaded into the battery. PWM charge
regulators want PV modules with No. 36 cells for the recharge of 12V batteries
and PV modules with No. 72 cells for the recharge of 24V batteries. This
planning obligation is no more necessary with MPPT circuit where you can use
the cheaper PV modules used in grid connected systems (with a number of
cells different from 36 or 72) also in PV off-grid systems. You can also use
amorphous PV modules that normally are not suitable to PWM charge
The several programs of load management, selectable by the user, make
WRM-15 the complete solution in several applications; i.e. to power supply
video cameras that have to work only during the day, or to power supply
flashing systems / road signs that have to work only during night, or to power
supply lighting systems that have to work only for a certain number of hours
during night. WRM-15 detects the day/night state according to the PV
module’s voltage; therefore it’s not necessary to connect further sensors to
the regulator. A wide display shows the working status of the regulator either
through simple and intuitive icons either displaying the values of recharge
current, battery voltage, energy produced by the PV module, load current and
energy consumed by the load.


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MPPT recharge · Wide voltage range on PV module input VPAN 0- 100V · Maximum PV module power 225W for 12V battery and 450W for 24V battery · Integrated blocking diode · For sealed, GEL and flooded lead acid batteries · Recharge voltage compensated in temperature · 12V / 24V battery voltage auto-detect · 18 programs for load management · 48 LCD symbols for user interface · Low battery protection · Over-temperature protection · Protection for battery polarity inversion · Overload protection on output · IP20 metal box
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