Régulateur de charge Western WR 60

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WR60 is a charge regulator from PV modules for the charge of both
sealed and flooded lead acid batteries. It protects the battery from
overloads or deep discharges so to make it work always in the best
conditions and to maximize its useful life. WR60 has got a simple and
reliable PWM charge circuit. It is planned to be used in large PV plants
for industrial and residential applications and it can manage battery
banks at 12V, 24V and 48V.
WR60 has got an output (LOAD) that can be used to power supply a
small load to the battery voltage (Max 10A) according to 18 different
automatic management programs: load always ON, load ON only during
the day, load ON only during the night or load ON from twilight for a
number of hours from 1 to 16. The loads that are power supplied through
LOAD output are automatically deactivated if the battery voltage falls
below a voltage threshold called “ low battery”; this guarantees the
battery protection from deep discharges.
A wide display shows the working status of the regulator either through
simple and intuitive icons or through the visualization of the following
values: charge current, battery voltage, energy produced by PV module,
load current and energy consumed by the load.


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