Tube Phaesun LED Lighting Unit PN OPL 4400 T8 IP20 24V 120 twin

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Phaesun PN-OPL LED lighting units provide immediate bright and efficient lighting in buildings and in cold rooms such as garages or trailers.
As they yield immediately full light output – they are also ideal for the use in combination with motion detectors.
The long product lifetime is not affected, even if you often switch it on or off.
Phaesun PN-OPLs are ready for connection and optimised for battery Off-Grid operation.
The lighting units are available in four different versions: with one or two light tubes with a length of 60 cm or 120 cm.
Ideal for use in inside rooms.

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2x120cm tube, 20-25VDC, 4x15 - 18VDC, 700mA, 2xOP2000-T8-CC, 2x22W, 4000K Dimension : 1240 x 100 x 0 mm Weight : 2.20 kg
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