Stationary battery SONNENSCHEIN OPZV A602/2600 A Solar

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cycling: - 2400 cycles at 60% DOD (depth of discharge or depth of discharge) Test according to IEC 60896 - 7200 cycles in solar use at 20 ° C (20% DOD cycling daily max / max 80% DOD deep discharge of battery life) Life:> 15 years Self discharge: approximately 2.5% / month at 20 ° C Compliant with European Standards (CE) - The Sonnenschein A600 batteries SOLAR utilisabt the winning technology dryfit were designed for solar applications medium-sized to large. - Possibility of horizontal installation - Sturdy tubular plate technology - ABS tray

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Type Solar A602/2600 Voltage 2 V Nominal capacity 2600 Ah C120 Discharge current 21.7 A 2.5% self-discharge per month dimensions: Length 216 mm Width 400 mm Height 775 mm Weight (Supplied on pallet) 160 Kg Number of pairs of poles 3 F-type terminals M8
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