Solar water heater

Solar water heater


The "thermosyphon" doesn't need electricity to heat water. The only power you need is for the the auxiliary electrical heater. It costs a lot less than a pumping system and its installation is simple. It, however, underperforms compared to a closed-loop system.

Its simplicity is enhanced by the liquid's natural circulation. The rays of the sun's heat is stored in the panel and transferred to the fluid that starts to circulate due to the temperature imbalance between the panel and the flask. Heated fluid goes to a coil and warms the tank's cold water.

The water heater has a auxiliary electrical heater if there is a lack of sunshine. This electrical heater is supplied with a thermostat. It's very important to set it properly at both time and temperature. It also offers the advantage to avoid the risk of legionellosis from forming in the circuit. To kill any bacteria, we can impose to heat the flask up to 80°C.

An electrical heater wich temperature is setted too high can disturb the production of solar heated water. If it's not connected to a time relay, it can use as much power as a regular water heater.

The water heater thermosyphons are delivered in PACKS composed by :

  • One or more solar thermal panel.
  • A tank with exchanger coil-type tube.
  • A fixing kit for flat or sloped roof
  • A spare electrical resistance (option)
  • Hydraulic connection kit with safety avoiding overpressure