Solar water heater self drainable

Solar water heater self drainable


The soar water heater self drainable is perfectly designed for hotels or big quantity of water consumer and make it possible to get away from expensive equipment (expansion tank). A pump circulates fluid through the panles placed on structure or roof. The fluid is heated by the sun in the panels and heat the water in the storage tank via a heat exchanger. In general, the storage tank is usually placed, in a technical room where all the hot water pipes meet, lower than the panels. Domestic hot water and the heating medium are 2 seperated circuits.

The main advantage of this system is the capability of variating the pump's speed depending on the panels temperature and save any calories produced by the sun. Its efficiency remains very high and the hot water production reliable.

More efficient than thermosyphons, this system is also more expensive. In order to avoid defects, it has to be installed by a professional. The service life of the system depends on it.

The self drainable system pack is composed by :

  • One or more solar thermal panel.
  • A tank with exchanger coil-type tube. Can be placed on the ground or vertically.
  • Pipes between panels and the tank.
  • A pump usually integrated in the tank.
  • Regulator and temperature sensors to modify the pump's speed.
  • An hydraulic connection kit and safety avoiding overpressure.