Street lighting

Street Lighting


Offgrid street lighting systems are based on the same layout as Solar Pumping or Solar Refrigeration. Photovoltaïc panels will charge the batteries through a charge controller. At night, the batteries supply the energy necessary to use the LEDs lights. LED needs DC voltage power to be used. Thank to LED lights, light production isn't a problem anymore. This tecnology permit to gain up to 10 times the energy a halogen lamp or filament lamps would have used, and 2 times less than energy-saving light bulbs. Good quality LED's yield is about 100 lumens per Watt.

Another benefit of LED lights is its life cylce that can reach up to 50.000 hours in the best case (25.000 hours average) compared to 16.000 hours for sodium lamps wich yields 130 lumens per Watt.

The most critical part are the batteries, wich can be locked in a box placed at a given high or on the ground. Because of the ambient heat on the ground and under the photovoltaïc panels, its lifespan is limited. Therefore it is clearly important to have a maintenance system able to react when a change of battery is needed. You'll have to anticipate the need in your plan.

Despite this problem, with this system, you do not need to implement neither costly electric lines between lights nor the main power supply.

Street lightings are composed of the following :

  • One ore more photovoltaic panels.
  • A charge controller.
  • A battery.
  • A support for panels and batteries.
  • A pole.
  • A foundation's kit.