Solar pumping

Solar Pumping


Solar pumping allows to extract liquid, generally water, from a source in order to distribute it directly for irrigation for example, or for storage in order to supply water to houses.

Different types of pumping :

Solar pumping :

This kind of system starts pumping when solar energy from panels is good enough. Water is pumped proportionaly to received solar energy and stored in an elevated tank in order to be used once solar energy is not sufficient.

  • the more sun, the more water.
  • high reliability and long life expectancy.
  • very easy installation, maintenance and use.
  • no battery.
  • motor pump is the only element moving.
  • low costs.
  • independant from electrical networks or fuel network.
  • allow ground water to recover at night.
  • omnipresence of solar energy wich allows installation without massive weather study.

Pumping system connected to batteries :

Main advantage is flexibility for pumping when you want to. But the use of batteries makes this system more vulerable, and makes the breakdown risk higher, as well as its cost.

  • energy provided by generator si stored in a battery.
  • debit can be regular, as well as the pressure.
  • no need to have a storage tank.
  • works on demand.
  • attractive for small domestic systems.