Etude et installation de site isolé photovoltaïque chez Eneroffgrid


ENEROFFGRID offers several packs according to clients needs :

  • PICO PV : Pack for small systems, with one to four LED lights. No need to have technical knowledge. The system is placed intuitively.
  • PV LIGHTING BASIC : Pack to get ligthing and flexible installation, whose elements are exchanged if needed.
  • PV LIGHTING AND FRIDGE : Pack made to produce cold. They are perfect for off-grid sites.
  • PV MULTIMEDIA AND PV MULTIMEDIA + : Perfect pack to connect all your devices (hi-fi systems, computers, radios, fridges, freezer, fans,..)
  • PV RESIDENTIAL : Pack that can deal with all your energy consumption. all your systems can work together : television, hi-hi system, radio, fridges, freezers, fans,...
    There are mor than 45 types of power and EXIDE battery quality.
    For even BIGGER systems, please sontact us.
  • PV STREET LIGHTING : Full pack which is flexible on demand. This relatively easy to install system has the advantage to be delivered with its galvanised mast and its foundation kit.
  • PV SOLAR THERMAL : Pack producing domestic hot water. This pack is complementary with PV off-grid systems. It's not recommended to use electricity to produce hot water. If you're looking for less expensive hot water, choose this pack.
  • OTHER PACKS AND PRODUCTS : ENEROFFGRID does not only offer this packs. It offers you also its technical advices  and products from other brands (SMA, STUDER, OUTBACK, STECA …) Don't hesitate to contact us.