Pack 3 LED lights 200 Ulitium Lightkit Sundaya white

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Pico PV pack complete with 3 lamps and panel.
Built-in lithium battery, quick and easy installation, no need to be an electrician.
The system can easily be expanded by adding additional modules where lamps.

  • Ulitium 200 3 LED lamps (240 lumens), white box
  • 1 module 9 watts
  • Dimensions: 400 x 125 x 293 mm
  • Weight: 3.60 kg

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Ulitium lamp kits have revolutionized the solar market. The PicoPV systems are low cost alternative and maintenance free.

Ulitium Kits include one to four high-efficiency LED lamps with integrated litium-ion battery with a light output of 240 lumens, the solar module suitable for power as well as the case of connection and fasteners are provided.

Easy to install and can be extended according to the needs of the user with more lamps, cell phone charger or television.

Everything you need for lighting your home is in one box.

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