Ampoule Phaesun LED Lamp PN-OP 400 E27 12V Warm White

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"High efficency LED lamp in shape of popular A19 bulb for off-grid application, especially where a connection to the grid is missing, e.g. chalet, tent, caravan.
One of world´s first LED based off-grid LED bulb.
Through it´s very low power consumption it can be used with a 5W solar panel and a small battery of 10Ah only for a light time of min. 8hrs.
Thus the total system cost can be reduced to a minimum.
The light output is comparable to a 30W incandescent lamp, with the benefit of long live span of >40.000hrs.
Aditionally OP300 does not contain any mercury and it does not emit any UV/IR radiation, which does attract insects.
There is no flickering and cold start problem as known from CFLs.
Also switching on/off does not affect lifespan, such as CFLs.

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3 x high power LEDs, high efficiency LED lamp, 380 lumen with 5,3W power consumption, 3000k Watt: 5,3 W Lumen Value: 380 DC System Voltage: 2VDC Dimension : 0 x 0 x 0 mm Weight : 0.10 kg
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